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Alpin Arda Bağcık

(b. 1988)

Painting. The pictures by this artist are based on archival photographs. He selects the images with the greatest semantic
potential, which best encapsulate selected events from the history of the 20th century. On their basis, he creates painterly
interpretations in which he monumentalises these facts, imbuing them with a symbolic meaning. Strikingly, he titles his paintings with names of psychotropic drugs. The artist thus suggests that pharmacological support is necessary to deal with political absurdities and historical traumas.

Droperidol & Benperidol

Technique: oil/canvas, diptych
Measurement: 40 x 80 cm (each)
Date: 2016


Technique: oil / canvas
Measurement: 100 × 150 cm
Date: 2017


Technique: oil/canvas
Measurement: 140 x 200 cm
Date: 2014


Technique: oil/canvas
Measurement: 140 × 210 cm
Date: 2017