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Oskar Dawicki (ur. 1971)
Igor Krenz (ur. 1959)
Wojciech Niedzielko (ur. 1959)
Łukasz Skąpski (ur. 1958)

An art group, founded in 2001. Although in 2010 it produced a film called The Last Movie, the group has not been officially dissolved. Azorro’s sensitivity to the pompousness of the world of art is reflected in short, amusing film sketches with the participation of the artists. In their opposition to the critical art of the 1990s, the group’s tools of choice are irony and jest, not without self-mockery from these seasoned participants in the art scene. The technique of repeating over and over the typical questions and comments that one can come across in the art community makes it possible to scrutinise them and test their soundness. Action-replay of typical situations down to disarmingly minute details allows one to view them in a detached way.

Are There No Boundaries for Artists?

Technique: video
Measurement: 7 min 17 s
Date: 2002

Portrait with a Curator

Technique: video
Measurement: 7 min 39 s
Date: 2002

The End of Art

Technique: video
Measurement: 2 min 49 s
Date: 2002

We Like It Very Much

Technique: video
Measurement: 7 min 32 s
Date: 2001