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//The War Veteran Projection//

The War Veteran Projection

Technique: multimedia installation
Measurement: 16 min 9 s
Date: 2010

Krzysztof Wodiczko used a former military vehicle that had seen action in Afghanistan and Iraq. He replaced the periscope in the gunner’s turret with a powerful projector, capable of projecting onto the city’s buildings. In the audio-visual projection he used authentic statements of Polish war veterans and their families, recorded during workshops that preceded the project, authorised by them for this use. In a sense, the projector has replaced the gun – words are reproduced as a recording, then repeated using text projected in a rhythm emphasised by the sounds of machine gun fire. During the projection, we hear a very personal, bitter confession that invades public space on two levels – through a loud sound recording and through the repeatedly projected large captions.