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//Read Books at Night//

Read Books at Night

During this year’s Museums at Night, we invited all visitors, both children and adults, to join us in the creation of unique art books and to ‘read books at night’. It was also an opportunity to explore art books from the MOCAK Library collection.

The workshop had three parts. During the first one, participants processed an economic book entitled The Economics of Industrial Enterprises (1972). Each participant received a page from the book and had to underline or cross off the words that they did not know. The name of the second task, Prescriptions, was a play on words. Participants were asked to create an interpretation of the description of the works from current exhibitions. By choosing parts of sentences, they created their own ‘prescriptions’ for art. The aim of the last task was to juxtapose MOCAK Collection works in a surprising manner in order to create a unique narrative.

All works created during Museums at Night will be assembled to form three unique books, which will present various interpretations of the three workshop tasks.