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//Playing with Books. Miś Uszatek’s New Friends//

Playing with Books. Miś Uszatek’s New Friends

On 12 May 2013, we organised the children workshop Playing with Books for the fourth time. The session started with a walking tour of the Museum in the search of Robert Maciejuk’s painting of Miś Uszatek.  Once the children found Uszatek hiding among other works from the MOCAK Collection, they had the opportunity to listen to several stories about the little hero and were shown several book illustrations. Inspired by selected chapters of Czesław Janczarski’s Miś Uszatek, they created their own hand puppets as new friends for the bear, as well as a stage design for a small theatre stage (made with boxes). The session ended with a spectacular event – a dozen short theatre performances, in which children and their parents offered their interpretation of scenes from the book. The workshop was organised in co-operation with the Nasza Księgarnia publishing house.