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//Across the River//: selected films by students, graduates and lecturers from IMAP

Across the River: selected films by students, graduates and lecturers from IMAP

16.08.2018 at 6 PM

Published at:03.08.2018

On Thursday 16 August 2018, at 6 pm, MOCAK and IMAP (Integrated Media Arts Production) from Jersey City would like to invite you to a review of short films by the students, graduates and lecturers on the IMAP programme. With Marcin Ramocki and Brandon Ascari.

IMAP (Integrated Media Arts Production) is a graduate programme at New Jersey City University specifically geared toward independent media artists. IMAP offers a contemporary, critically charged approach toward media arts with areas of expertise in video, film and new media, at the intersection of emerging social platf and political and takes on board issues such as American race, gender and ethnicity.

Free entry. Limited places.

More information: www.njcu.cc/IMAP

Jerry Aquino, Brandon Ascari, Ciara Broadaway, Joseph Cantatore, Raul Garcia, Rolando Nieves and Patric Sammon are media artists and recent alumni of IMAP.

Annabelle Krupcheck, Nnamdi Nwigwe and Nicole Pometti are current graduate students working toward their thesis.

Roddy Bogawa, Joel Katz, Marcin Ramocki and Jane Steuerwald are IMAP’s founders and permanent faculty, media artists and filmmakers with recognised international exhibition history.


Alphabetical list of participants/works:

Jerry Aquino Little Miss America, 2016, 3 min, 56 sec

Jerry Aquino’s found footage piece is a metaphorical portrait of America, depicted as a capricious, violent and racist female.

Brandon Ascari Relevè, 13 min 28 sec

Relevè follows the story of Ana, a former ballet student turned writer who struggles with the true passion of her life.

Roddy Bogawa If Andy Warhol’s Super 8 Camera Could Talk, 1993, 3 min 07 sec

A curious encounter between an artifact and a relentless telemarketer. Over 30 metres of 16 mm film.

Ciara Broadway Name(less), 2017, 4 min 20 sec

Two mothers who have both lost their child to a single crime. The film explores their parallel of grief through juxtaposition of the mother of the murdered and the mother of the murderer.

Joseph Cantatore Auditions, 2018, 8min 20 sec

In a deconstructive gesture Joseph Cantatore inserts himself into significant scenes of well-known film classics, commenting on storytelling, context and disability.

Raul Garcia The Transmigration of Light, 2017, 4 min 42 sec

The journey of light through cosmos ritualised for our participation in its ark of memory, and thereby our preservation in a boundless universe.

Joel Katz Nathaniel at the Bus Stop, 2018, 5 min 25 sec

A video portrait of a man travelling on NJ number 1 Transit bus in order to visit his incarcerated friend. This video is a part of a feature film currently in production.

Anabelle Krupcheck i was stand once, 2018, 2 min 14 sec

A personal video poem based in pop culture, typography and mobile phones.

Rolando Nieves Used, 2017, 15 min 26 sec

The documentary focuses on men who buy other men’s used underwear online, and the men who sell it to them. The film consists of interviews with used underwear buyers, used underwear sellers, and a psychiatrist who focuses on paraphilia, a condition characterized by atypical sexual desires.

Nnamdi Nwigwe Thinking of the West, 2108, 18 min

A victimised middle-aged woman seeks vengeance on her abusive husband, but her murderous plot takes an unexpected turn when she encounters a conflicted black man and his friends at a roadside convenience store.

Nicole Pometti May (a life in GIFs), 2018, 4 min 32 sec

This experimental film portrays a young woman’s lifestyle and state of mind.  Monotonous repetition of the GIF format reflects the mundanity of the protagonist’s everyday life.

Marcin Ramocki Group Performance, 2017, 2 min 20 sec

A digital video loop created by compiling 17 unrelated performances of La donna è mobile by Giuseppe Verdi, sourced from YouTube. All the singers, including the celebrity opera tenors and karaoke amateurs, start off together, yet because of natural differences in musical interpretation, original formatting of the sound/video recording and frame rate conflicts, group performance results in a strange sonic corruption.

Patrick Sammon Fanatic, 2017, 14 mins, 31 sec

Fanatic is a short documentary about why people love catching baseballs when they go to a game. Baseball has always been known as the American game, and the involvement of the fans has always been part of it ever since the beginning. One of the greatest thrills for the fans is catching the ball. The protagonist – the fan Zack Hample – has caught thousands of balls throughout his life, and he received much praise and some criticism for what he does. It is more than just a hobby for him. It’s a lifestyle.

Jane Steuerwald and Henry Baker Terrorist Activity Redux 2009, 10min 47 sec

On December 8th, 1980 John Lennon was killed by an assassin.  On March 30th, 1981, there was an assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, and on May 25th, 1981, another – on Pope John Paul II.  In response to these events, and in light of the devastating rise of terrorism around the world, video artists Henry Baker and Jane Steuerwald created a live radio performance piece on WAER-FM in Syracuse, NY. To mark the 25th anniversary of their performance, Baker and Steuerwald integrated the original sound with new film and video footage, re-investigating the impact of terrorism in the experience of the 21st century.

Roddy Bogawa (BA, MFA UC San Diego) was born and raised in Los Angeles where he studied art and played in punk bands before turning to film. The DIY punk aesthetic continues to influence his work. Bogawa’s work explores internal conflict, the relationship between individuals and their environment, and how identity is shaped by culture and history. He casts non-actors and actors side by side and layers his stories with metaphors, abstract material, and multiple narrative voices. His feature-length films, a unique blend of experimental and narrative styles, range from loosely (Some Divine Wind) and strictly (I Was Born, But…) autobiographical to science fiction (Junk) and documentary (Taken by Storm: The Art of Storm Thorgerson and Hipgnosis). His work was featured in Sundance Film Festival, International Short Film Festival in Oberhausen and Cinematexas Short Film Festival.


Joel Katz (BA Oberlin College, MFA Hunter College) is a non-fiction filmmaker and installation artist involved with issues of social justice. His works include Corporation with a Movie Camera (1992), Dear Carry (1997) and Strange Fruit, a documentary about the history and legacy of the famed anti-lynching protest song of the same title first made famous by Billie Holiday..



Marcin Ramocki (BA Dartmouth College, MFA UPenn) is a  NYC-based artist working with a variety of computercentred media. His practice ranges from digital installations and online work, to feature length documentaries. Thematically, these often revolve around conceptual portrait, fascination with diverse social networks, and self-reflective commentary on contemporary art world. He is best known for his documentary projects 8 BIT(2006) and Brooklyn DIY(2009), as well as shorter digital forms like Virtual Singer (2000), Torcito Project(2005) or Blogger Skins (2009). His works have been exhibited at MoMA, Hirshhorn Museum and Pacific Film Archives.



Jane Steuerwald (BFA, MS Syracuse Univ., MFA Bard).  She has been working with 16mm and super 8mm film and video, creating installations, documentaries, found footage works, narrative and experimental films, and single edition art books. Her works have been screened at MoM in NYC, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., and many others.