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//A Zebra in the Museum//

A Zebra in the Museum

On 29 October 2011, a mystery Zebra visited MOCAK and left the following letter addressed to the youngest visitors:

‘You are in the Museum of Contemporary art. I have hidden your work accessories in the Gallery. To get them back, you have to find me and to perform a number of tasks. It won’t be too easy... Good luck!’

In the first session of the 2-part workshop, participants faced the challenge of finding the Zebra’s letters, hidden somewhere inside the Gallery’s space, in which they would find further instructions and tasks to follow. These were mostly pun games, as well as having to describe the black-and-white elements in the natural  world, and also looking for contrasts in the works of the MOCAK Collection. The first part of the workshop culminated in putting together a jigsaw zebra, made up from the pieces which the children had found in various locations all over the Museum. The participants were awarded with art materials and accessories.

In the follow-up session, the children made black-and-white, ‘zebra-like’, collages, whether on their own, or with a little bit of help from their parents... The activities helped the participants to become familiar with concepts such as contrast, colour relationships and monochromatism in art.

Have a look at our PhotoGallery of the event!