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A Wall That Unites – Piotr Lutyński’s Mural in Zabłocie

A Wall That Unites – Piotr Lutyński’s Mural in Zabłocie

24.09.2014 at 6 pm

Published at:23.09.2014

A mural by Piotr Lutyński, a Krakow artist whose works are in the MOCAK Collection, has been created in the vicinity of the Museum. It occupies the wall which constitutes a border between the Museum and a newly-erected housing estate Pasaż Podgórski and which runs along the passageway connecting Ślusarska and Romanowicza Streets. The mural occupies the entire perspective of the passage, integrating with the surrounding architecture. The multicoloured geometric shapes emerging from behind the trees are like windows that invite you to see what is on the other side.

The Museum, its neighbours and the artist would like to invite you the concert of Rdzeń band, which will add splendour to the act of unveiling of the mural on Wednesday, 24th September at 6 pm.

The mural was created on the initiative of the residents of Pasaż Podgórski and funded by IMS Budownictwo.

The Museum coordinator: Zofia Kerneder