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A Walk along Lipowa

A Walk along Lipowa

Published at:05.08.2012

Zabłocie is one of the most dynamically developing parts of Krakow. It is a district with a dynamic history. Recently, it has been completely transformed, becoming a space more and more open to and welcoming modern art. We recommend that all those visitors who want to find out what is worth seeing in this part of town should go for a walk along Lipowa towards the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Your guide will be Artur Wabik, the author of two murals in Lipowa. He is an artist who has a very close link to Zabłocie – his first studio was located in a print workshop, which used to be exactly where the Museum of Contemporary Art stands today. During the walk we will look at three murals and an installation by Mirosław Bałka.

After the walk, in MOCAK’s audiovisual hall there will be a presentation of the project Zabłocie Station by Agnieszka Wojtuń, Katarzyna Mietniowska and Dorota Sokół, which highlights the transformations that have taken place in Zabłocie. We will have an opportunity to see selected photographs by Agnieszka Wojtuń – the author of the project. The photographs commemorate those who have been creating the new shape of Zabłocie and its unique ambiance – artists who have turned post-industrial space into art studios and people for whom Zabłocie is their work space. The presentation of the project Zabłocie Station as part of the walk along  Lipowa is a forerunner of the opening of the exhibition of works by Agnieszka Wojtuń, planned for October  2012.

The walk in Lipowa will culminate in a free of charge guided tour of the current exhibitions in MOCAK.

Please confirm your participation by emailing: pawlusz@mocak.pl

Meet up in front of the Museum. Participation in the project free-of-charge.