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A Debate at Radio Krakow The Marriage of Culture and Business: Does It Work?

Published at:30.04.2013

A discussion on the state of Krakow's culture was held in the framework of Radio Krakow Forum – New Małopolska. The participants in the discussion included the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Bogdan Zdrojewski, who praised MOCAK, stressing that the museum's activities are visible not only in Warsaw, but all throughout Poland, and even abroad as well.

In describing the relationship between culture and business, the minister stated that he was was a middleman between people with private capital and those who create culture: I speak with people working in private businesses. I often explain to them that one cannot think in monetary terms when it comes to culture, but I also often speak with people from the world of culture and explain that money cannot be disregarded, and that they also have to understand economics. Business is no stranger to culture.

Have a listen to an excerpt from the debate!