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//123 Artworks from the MOCAK Collection//

123 Artworks from the MOCAK Collection


Published at:07.06.2017

The seventh International Contemporary Fair Art Vilnius ’17 will be held from June 8th-11th 2017. As every year, a special exhibition programme is organized, this time it is focused on the idea of a collection.

MOCAK returns to Vilnius with a new project whose central part is the work of Mariusz Tarkawian, titled 123 Artworks from the MOCAK Collection. It belongs to a series of works in which the artist presents collections from various museums in different countries. One of the selected museums is MOCAK from which the artist chose 123 artworks and turned them into his own drawing composition. He says: “I have made my own collection in which – perhaps unjustly – I have omitted certain artworks but then I choose whatever I like”. The viewers, apart from looking at the Collection through Tarkawian’s eyes, can also see the originals which the artist has reworked. This can be done through scanning QR codes which refer the viewer to the originals and their description. Such a Chinese-box mode of presentation represents the process in which today we gain most information – by skipping from one website to another and getting to know artworks mostly from their reproductions found on the internet.