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Go Draw! An artistic and educational project with Mariusz Tarkawian

This publication presents Mariusz Tarkawian’s unpublished comic strip Legends and the effect of several hours’ work of workshop participants. It was designed to become a continuation of the artist’s creative meeting with young draughtsmen. All readers are encouraged to remake the works presented in the publication: to colour, to destroy, to comment. Go draw!

Nicolas Bourriaud, Relational Aesthetics

Nicolas Bourriaud employs his theorem to interpret the art of the 1990s, which did not dwell on objects but instead focused on human interrelations. By those means it aimed to oppose the objectivisation of the individual in neo-liberal society.

Ane Lan. All the World's Women Are in Me!

All the World's Women Are in Me! is a feminist exhibition produced by a man. It shows the presence of woman in the world; her versatility and her ability to conform to any context. The exhibition highlights the common stereotypes which besiege women and their helplessness when faced with such treatment.

Sport in Art

This Polish-English publication which accompanies the exhibition Sport in Art contains texts and illustrations, as do all the large catalogues published by MOCAK.

No Budget Show 4

The catalogue presents a conversation with Robert Kuśmirowski, the artist and the man behind the concept of the exhibitions from the series No Budget Show, as well as a text about the works presented as part four of the event.

Pola Dwurnik. Apolonia's Erotic Garden

In the catalogue you will be able to read the artist’s account of how the idea of creating the series Apolonia's Erotic Garden came to her and read Monika Kozioł’s interview with the artist. The catalogue contains photographs of all the works in Pola Dwurnik’s exhibition.

The MOCAK Collection II

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow has adopted the principle that the exhibition which presents its Collection will be part-renewed once a year. The present publication presents the second edition of the Collection. Maria Anna Potocka wrote the Introduction which provides an analysis of the works shown. The illustrations include photographs and descriptions of all the works in the MOCAK II Collection. They include drawings, paintings, objects, installations, sculptures, videos, photographs and documentation of artistic actions.

Comics. Urban Myths

The exhibition presents works which relate to urban myths – the artists create brand-new urban myths or transform the familiar ones. What all have in common is that they deal with tales which are as incredible as they are disturbing; they carry a warning and a message. The works we present follow the conventions of the comic strip, with the characteristic strong story line.

EVA & ADELE The Artist = A Work of Art

In the catalogue which accompanied the exhibition we tried to explain from various perspectives the phenomenon that is EVA & ADELE while being aware that art which is simultaneously life invites broader reflections, not only from the point of view of art history (the essays by Maria Anna Potocka, Angela Janhsen and Paweł Leszkowicz), of a private individual (texts by Ulrich Krempl and Delfina Piekarska’s interview with the artists), but also literary (the essay by Ingia Iwasiów), sociological (the essay by Jacek Kochanowski) or, last but not least, political (the text by Anna Grodzka).

Maurycy Gomulicki. Bibliophilia

The catalogue contains texts by the artist and the curator and 16 reproductions of the works from the Bibliophilia series.