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Daniel Spoerri: Art Taken Out of the Ordinary

The catalogue of a prominent Swiss artist connected with the Nouveaux Réalistes and Fluxus.

Jarosław Kozłowski: Sensations of Reality and Conceptual Practices 1965–1980

The catalogue accompanying the exhibition of the leading Polish conceptualist Jarosław Kozłowski which includes early works by the artist, never to date seen elsewhere.

Jannicke Låker. Grenzsituationen

Catalogue of the exhibition of video works by the Norwegian artist Jannicke Låker.

Jonasz Stern Landscape after the Holocaust

The catalogue of the Jonasz Stern exhibition familiarises the reader with the one of the most significant Polish artists of the 20th century, presenting his life and work.

Olga Kisseleva Still Life: Psychological Portrait

The catalogue features reproductions of works from Olga Kisseleva's exhibition. They are accompanied by Agnieszka Sachar's interview with the artist and a text by Maria Anna Potocka.

Medicine in Art

This is the catalogue of the exhibition Medicine in Art, the latest project at MOCAK in the series that confronts significant civilisational issues with artistic interpretation.

Artists from Krakow: The Generation 1980–1990

The publication includes a curatorial text by Delfina Jałowik and Monika Kozioł, which provides an introduction to the works shown at the exhibition, as well as essays by Martyna Nowicka, Andrzej Szczerski and Joanna Zielińska dedicated to the circle of the youngest Krakow representatives of visual arts and their work. Apart from the reproductions of paintings, sculptures and installations, the catalogue comprises fragments of interviews with artists and photographs from their studios.

Beuys, Kantor, Demarco

The catalogue accompanying the exhibition of photographs, films and other archival materials that document the artistic activities of Joseph Beuys and Tadeusz Kantor in 1970s in Edinburgh. The publication also gives the reader the chance to get to know the artistic personality of the demiurge of the two artists' meeting – Richard Demarco, who was one of the key promoters of art in Great Britain and whose drawings and watercolour paintings are exhibited at the MOCAK Library.

Michel Kichka Second Generation: What I Did Not Tell My Father

Michel Kichka's comic book is an autobiographical narrative in which he relates – sometimes in a humorous or ironic way – some key moments from his childhood, adolescence and adulthood in the shadow of the Shoah.

Csaba Nemes: When Politics Enters Daily Life

The catalogue of the exhibition of the Hungarian artist includes the editorial text by Maja and Reuben Fowkes, an essay by Edit András on the situation of contemporary Hungarian art, a piece by Jerzy Kochanowski sketching out the historical background of current transformations in Hungary and a text by Agnieszka Sachar on the Roma theme in the works of Csaba Nemes.