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Art Competition //Direction Art!//

Art Competition Direction Art!

Published at:19.02.2013

All children aged 3–11 are welcome to take part in the first art competition organised by MOCAK. The competition is part of the project Playing with Books, which included, on the 17 February 2013, the third literary and art workshop, during which the children read the book Where Shall We Go? Ask the Map! and acquainted themselves with the plans of great cities, maps made of twigs and maps of the skies and the plan of MOCAK.

The competition task consists of creating one’s own map leading to the fascinating world of contemporary art. We hope that participants will be inspired by the works presented at MOCAK.

The works – which may be produced in any style and technique – or their detailed photographic documentation should be delivered in person by the 11 March 2013 to the Museum reception, or by post to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, ul. Lipowa 4, 30-702 Kraków, marked The Education Department – Competition (the date of receipt of the post by the Museum will determine eligibility) or by electronic mail to: wegenke@mocak.pl (works produced using computer programmes and photographs).

Works should be accompanied by a description which includes:

1. Name of the author
2. Title
3. Date of Birth
4. City of residence

The winners will be selected on the 15 March 2013 by the jury: Elżbieta Sala, Małgorzata Kuśnierz, Kinga Lubowiecka, Maria Wegenke.

The authors of the three awarded works will each receive a copy of the book Where Shall We Go? Ask the Map! After the conclusion of the competition there may be an opportunity to retrieve the works sent in from the Museum. The organiser has the right to use the works submitted and to photograph them for promotional purposes.