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//All That Enchants Us, Moves Us, Shatters...// - Elżbieta Sala

All That Enchants Us, Moves Us, Shatters... - Elżbieta Sala

‘Art is…’ To finish this sentence seems to me such a difficult task to me that I would not dare to set it forto anyone.  But, with her characteristic sensitivity and a sense of humour, Agnieszka Piksa managed to do just that. Her work does not make clear what the artist herself thinks about art. The comic strip that she produced leads us to many associations, but finally puts the matters most decisively. In its bottom right-hand corner, we read, ‘If you consider any of the statement true, cut out the face and replace it with your own picture.’ In other words: if you have any opinion at all about art, react by altering the work that you are looking at. Piksa is proposing that the viewer should destroy part of the work which accords with his expectations, and put himself in the empty space. This manoeuuvere demonstrates the grotesqueness of the situation where we can only find in an artist’s work what we already agree with. Piksa is one of the very few artists who help viewers to deal with complex issues, presented in a humorous way.

Agnieszka Piksa (born 1983)

Graduated from the Faculty of Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (2009) in the studio of Joanna Kaiser. Author of comic strips, illustrations and murals. In her work, quotes both literature and science, playing with words and puns. She is interested both in a traditional narrative and linguistic experiments. Her works have been published in Poland (Gili-gili, Centrala, Ha!art) and abroad (Kush!, Silent Wall, Comixiade).

Produced commissions for the Studio Theatre and Art Museum in  Łòdź. In July 2011, ran a workshop at MOCAK called The History of the Comic Strip, the History in the Comic Strip.

Agnieszka Piksa’s work is the first of the educational supplements, which will be included in MOCAK Forum. They aim to show how artists see the teaching of contemporary art.

Try your hand at the creative task set by Agnieszka Piksa. Please send your works to MOCAK adres with the adnotationreference: Comic Strip. The most interesting ideas will be given awardsed and published.


Elżbieta Sala – (born 1984)
Graduate of philosophy at the Jagiellonian University and politics at the University of Rzeszow, PhD student at the Faculty of Philosophy of the JU. At MOCAK, she oversees the Education Section.